Posted on: October 15, 2008 5:10 pm

Concerned citizens for the release of Dre Bly

I know I'm not the only one. If your a Broncos fan and follow team you have to know what I'm talking about. How in God's name did this guy ever go to a pro bowl? This guy has been a colossal dissapointment. He is certainley not the same player he was in Detroit. How about the illegal contact penalty he committed on 3rd and 17? It was away from the play for God's sake. What is he thinking? That one cost us 7 points. Thanks Dre. Let's see he get's burned constantly, can't tackle, and committs massive penalties. It can't be just me who notices this.

The word in training camp was that Domonique Foxworth outplayed Dre Bly and deserved the starting #2 cornerback position. The Broncos decided they couldn't have a guy to whom they pay SO much money sitting on the bench or just playing dime and nickle. So instead of giving Foxworth the starting nod, they give it to Bly. Not because he earned the job but because of his salary. In then they TRADE Foxworth for a freakin' seventh round pick. Are you kidding me? I don't know about you but Domonique Foxworth is looking pretty darn good right now. Dre Bly is freakin' otrocious. He's gotta go.

Here's how it's gonna go down. (Broncos to potential suiters) "okay we'll give Dre Bly for a 2nd round draft pick." (Potential suiters) "Absolutley not, how about a used gatorade dispenser and two pairs of used shoulder pads"  (good condition). (Broncos) "SOLD". Maybe I'm just dreaming but I'd make that deal in a heartbeat. Please make him go away.

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