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Posted on: October 1, 2008 1:09 pm
Edited on: October 1, 2008 7:40 pm

Panic time in Denver? Almost

  The Denver Broncos lost to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday 33-19. It was a devastating loss to say the least. While some might argue that it might just be exactly what they need to turn things around, I respectfully disagree. It was a divisional game and anything can happen in the division and the Broncos do not have a good record in KC and blah blah blah blah. The game was a debacle on so many ways. I don't think you play that bad and take anything positive away from it.

The Broncos turned the ball over 4 times and still had a chance to win the game in the fourth quarter. That is a postive but that is because you are playing one of the three worst teams in the NFL. The obvious glaring problem? The defense of course. I think this is quite possibly the worst defense to ever put on a Broncos uniform. There is only two average to above average players on the defensive side. Champ Bailey and D.J. Williams. They simply don't have the talent but they also do not play as a team. Champ Bailey said that they didn't practice well all week and he didn't have a good feeling about the game. What does that mean? It means they have no idea what they are doing out there. The new defensive schemes are just not working and they are constantly looking confused.

Dre Bly is absolutley horrible. I hate to be so harsh but seriously how did he ever go to a pro bowl? He has a reputation of being a "gambler". If your a "gambler" doesn't that mean you sometimes win? He never wins. He gets burned on weekly basis, every game, every time. I don't remember the last time I saw him make a above average play, seriously. And what in name of Zeus' butthole is Dre Bly doing on Dwane Bowe? Why is our number two corner on thier number one wideout? Somebody please explain this to me. Is it some kind of crafty zone the Broncos are trying to pull? I would much rather see our number one corner and one the best corners in the league on the oppisitions number one wideout every week, hands down.

They can't rush the passer, they can't stop the run, they can't stop the pass, and they can't force turnovers. How much worse can it get than that? I have been trying to figure out what they can possibly do to vastly improve thier defense and I can't come up with much. They simply don't have the personnel. Everybody has said as long as the offense can put up 36 points a game they will be fine. Well we just saw what happens when we go on the road and get in a early hole.

Jay Cutler had an off day despite having pretty good numbers on paper, but his two interceptions were unacceptable. On both picks he was trying to force the ball to a well covered Brandon Marshall. He is obvoiusly looking for Marshall a little too much. He has a lot of weapons out there and needs to start looking for them more frequently. He has Eddie Royal, Brandon Stokley, Tony Sheffler, and Daniel Graham to name a few. He has to look for them more often instead of trying to force the ball to Marshall. Marshall is monster at 6-4 but if the ball never gets to him it doesn't matter, as was the case with both picks on Sunday. The two fumbles, not much you can say about them they happen sometimes. The Marshall fumble was a result of the Broncos trying to be cute instead of just doing what works. The offense has to be better to carry the load for this horrendous defense. If the offense struggles the Broncos will lose every time, the D is that bad.

The Tampa Bay Bucs coming to town is a scary game. The Bucs bring a pretty good defense and a surprisingly good offense to Invesco field for a Sunday afternoon matchup. The most intriguing storyline is Brian Griese's return to Denver. You have to think Mike Shannahan is going to have the Broncos ready to play. He won't want to lose to the QB he let go after five dissapointing seasons with the Broncos. On the other hand, Griese will be looking for redemption. The Broncos are going to have to play lights out on offense to win this game. Hopefully the D can force some turnovers as they have definetley faced far more pontent offenses than this so far this season. This a huge game this week because if the Broncos happen to lose then it's 100% officially panic time in Denver. After a impressive 3-0 start and a mishap in K.C, this a huge game for both teams this early in the season.

On a lighter side if your wondering about my Avatar, I lost a bet with a rather mouthy Florida State fan as my Buffs laid an egg against the Seminoles. Thats a whole new blog though.

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