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Posted on: November 18, 2008 3:24 pm
Edited on: November 19, 2008 12:55 am

Broncos show some heart

Make no mistake about it, the Denver Broncos came out of Atlanta with a huge win on Sunday. Not only was it their 2nd consecutive road win but it also gave them a two game lead over AFC West rival San Diego. In two road games in which they were underdogs the Broncos instead came away with two wins, coming from behind in the fourth quarter in both contests. Good teams find a way to win on the road. The Broncos are a good team. While there are obvious concerns on both sides of the ball, you just can't be 6-4 winning tough games and not be a good team.

I think it has been downplayed just how injured this team is. I have never seen anything like this as long as I have been a Bronco fan. Just think about it the Broncos are missing all their running backs, all their starting linebackers including their pro bowler captain, their starting safety, their other pro bowler co-captain starting cornerback, and have had multiple injuries at tight end and wide receiver. That's a lot of freakin' injuries. If there has ever been a excuse for a team to lay down that's a pretty good one. Even at 100% the defense is one the poorer units in the league but on this day with a bunch of 2nd and 3rd stringer's, they played their best game of the year.

A nice story was Spencer Larsen making history by starting at fullback and middle linebacker. Not only was he effective but he might have been the player of the game on defense. He had 15 tackles and flat out played solid at both positions and on special teams. The defense actually forced a turnover that was capitalized by an unlikely player. Yes folks, Dre Bly actually made a play and it's about time. The Broncos brought the blitz on 3rd down and forced Matt Ryan to throw up a duck and Bly actually caught it, which is more that be said for Jamie Winborn, who dropped a ball right in his chest that would have iced the game late and would have been taken all the way for a touchdown. That was just one of a few mistakes by the defense which could have cost them the game. The Broncos jumped on a a 4th and 1 and Jarvis Moss jumped on a unsuccessful 3rd down play which would have forced a Falcon's punt. To the Broncos credit they overcame all those mistakes and made the plays when they had to.

Jay Cutler and the offense put up modest numbers but played a great game. The key? They didn't turn over the ball. Cutler managed the game pretty well other than a string of three and outs. Signed off the practice squad, P.J. Pope looked like a promising prospect. Hillis and Bell did enough on the ground to get the job done. A couple head sratchers. Why do you run Peyton Hillis every play until you have a 3rd and 1 at the goal line and then run Tatum Bell? That made no sense as Peyton is the power back. Also why when you are trying to run the clock out to finish the game do you call three straight pitch's to a known fumbler who hasn't played in three months? Man did that make me nervous, just run it up the freakin' gut.

The Broncos have won two games they weren't expected to win. I believe they will need one more of those to win the division. If the Broncos hold serve at home which they should and steal one of the three remaining road games they should be good. They will most likely be underdogs in all the road games. I think the they will need a two game lead heading to San Diego as they have not had a good track record there the last few years. I think the Jets game is their best shot.

Overcoming a lot of adversity and winning two on the road is big but they still have a lot of work to do. The good news is the Broncos should be getting some key players back in the next couple weeks. The future is looking pretty bright for the Broncos, at least a lot brighter than it did three weeks ago. The Broncos have dug deep and played from the heart and that's all you can ask from your football team.
Posted on: September 24, 2008 8:09 pm

Denver Broncos observations heading into week 4

   The Denver Broncos are 3-0. Who would have thought that after looking at the schedule before the season? I am always known for being blinded by my homerness and even I did'nt predict that. 3-0 is a great place to be, especially with the division favorite basically 2.5 games back. It is so exciting to be this surprised in how well this team is playing. I personally expected for one more so so year until the offense really came together. I was pleasantly wrong. This offense is the real deal.

Overshadowed by the amount of points the Broncos have been throwing up is the play of the offensive line. The young line has been really solid. Did you know Jay Cutler has only been sacked once all year? I bet Ben Rothlisberger would love to say that after the brutal beating he took Sunday. Ouch. The run game is putting up decent numbers although there is definetley room for improvement. The O line has been creating some nice holes and some great protection for Cutler. I think their play has been a pleasant surprise.

Yes I know the defense is soft. There is talk about the Broncos implementing more of the 3-4 defense during games. It is especiall hard to face a defense that is switching from 4-3 to 3-4 in midgame. Hopefully that will help. While they having been taking a lot of flack from the media, no other team in league has faced offenses like San Diego and New Orleans much less back to back. So I expect their numbers to improve greatly.

Too bad about all pro center Tom Nalen being put on IR but if you live in Denver and follow the Broncs then you probably knew he wasn't going to play this year. It might be the end of his brilliant 15 year career. He is only the only player left from the back to back Super Bowl winning teams of the late 90's. Ahh, the glory days. His contract is up this year but hopefully he has a couple years left.

Heading to Kansas City this week has all the makings of a blowout but you never know with these divisional matchups. The Chiefs always play us hard especially at Arrowhead. The Broncos should be sitting pretty at 4-0 with a pretty tough Bucaneers team coming to town. Things are sure looking up for the Broncos. They are looking like a team thats going to make some noise in the playoffs. And who know with that offense? Maybe? It's a little early for that talk but I like where we are headed.

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