Posted on: November 3, 2008 2:04 pm
Edited on: November 5, 2008 1:34 am

Something rotten in Broncos Country

After a brilliant start by the Denver Broncos they have since dropped 4 out of 5 in extremely embarrassing fashion. One can't help but realize that Broncos just might not be any good. It's a realization that had started hitting me midway through the debacle on Sunday. The way their playing right now, you just can't make any intelligent arguments on their behalf. Plainly said they are playing absolutely horrible.

What in the world is going on with Jay Cutler? He has looked nothing like the quarterback we saw the first three weeks. He looks awful. He has no enthusiasm out there. He doesn't look like he's having any fun or even wants to be there. His body language says it all. The last few weeks he has obviously had a huge turnover problem. Fumbles, picks and then he hangs his head head down and goes to the sideline. He just doesn't look right.

One can't help but notice that Brandon Marshall wasn't even thrown to until midway through the 3rd quarter. When a quarterback is struggling at the magnitude that Cutler is the best thing you can do is throw it to a wide receiver that is 6-4 and can make plays after the catch. While he has had some fumbles trying to do too much after the catch, when you throw it to Marshall good things will happen. Cutler has to look for him more often. He was one on one on plenty of occasions early in the game.

While the defense looked pretty decent on Sunday they are still chalked full of issues. Dre Bly, horrible, Karl Paymah, even worse. He let a no name wideout catch everything that came near him to the tune of 111 yards. We also have new injuries in the already horrible saftey position. The secondary is a massive concern, they just can't stop anything pass or run.

In recent weeks they certainly have not got ANY breaks from the officials. We all know about the pathetic calls in the Jacksonville game but the call against Marshall was equally ridiculous. He was called for a offensive pass interference call that negated a 77 yard touchdown that would have given the Broncos the LEAD in the second half. It was a huge call and certainly had a huge effect on the outcome of the game. If the Broncos lead 17-16 it's a different football game. You just don't make that call at that point of the game. A absolute awful call that changed the game. It seems they are continuing to pay for the Charger game. There has now been two games where it seems the Broncos have gotten blatantly jammed by the Zebra's. They are paying a hefty price for that break.

Now we move on the obvious glaring problem. Turnovers. ( Caution: these stats could make you cringe and possibly vomit in your really small office trash can) The Broncos are a mind blowing -11 in turnover ratio. You just can't be a playoff team with numbers like that. The worst, they have been outscored 60 to ZERO off turnovers in the last five games. The Broncos weak defense cannot create any turnovers and the offense is turning it over about four times a game. That's a massive problem and quite frankly they are lucky to be 4-4. If they can't figure out a way to protect the football, they are going nowhere.

While we are very fortunate that the Chargers are playing just as bad, the Broncos will not make the playoffs the way they are playing. They now face a short week and a two game road trip against some hot teams. Yes, injuries are a huge concern but that is just a part of the game and the Broncos have to stop making excuses and start trying to figure out how to win some football games.
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