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Posted on: September 24, 2008 8:09 pm

Denver Broncos observations heading into week 4

   The Denver Broncos are 3-0. Who would have thought that after looking at the schedule before the season? I am always known for being blinded by my homerness and even I did'nt predict that. 3-0 is a great place to be, especially with the division favorite basically 2.5 games back. It is so exciting to be this surprised in how well this team is playing. I personally expected for one more so so year until the offense really came together. I was pleasantly wrong. This offense is the real deal.

Overshadowed by the amount of points the Broncos have been throwing up is the play of the offensive line. The young line has been really solid. Did you know Jay Cutler has only been sacked once all year? I bet Ben Rothlisberger would love to say that after the brutal beating he took Sunday. Ouch. The run game is putting up decent numbers although there is definetley room for improvement. The O line has been creating some nice holes and some great protection for Cutler. I think their play has been a pleasant surprise.

Yes I know the defense is soft. There is talk about the Broncos implementing more of the 3-4 defense during games. It is especiall hard to face a defense that is switching from 4-3 to 3-4 in midgame. Hopefully that will help. While they having been taking a lot of flack from the media, no other team in league has faced offenses like San Diego and New Orleans much less back to back. So I expect their numbers to improve greatly.

Too bad about all pro center Tom Nalen being put on IR but if you live in Denver and follow the Broncs then you probably knew he wasn't going to play this year. It might be the end of his brilliant 15 year career. He is only the only player left from the back to back Super Bowl winning teams of the late 90's. Ahh, the glory days. His contract is up this year but hopefully he has a couple years left.

Heading to Kansas City this week has all the makings of a blowout but you never know with these divisional matchups. The Chiefs always play us hard especially at Arrowhead. The Broncos should be sitting pretty at 4-0 with a pretty tough Bucaneers team coming to town. Things are sure looking up for the Broncos. They are looking like a team thats going to make some noise in the playoffs. And who know with that offense? Maybe? It's a little early for that talk but I like where we are headed.

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